This web site/blog is about my fiction, released under the name AnonyPuss. I write adult interactive fiction, which means (1) you need to be 18 to read it and (2) you need to make choices as you read it.

Interactive fiction, or text adventures, can also be regarded as games to play, and indeed was one of the very earliest type of game played on a computer.

My games are all hosted at TextAdventures.co.uk. To play adult interactive fiction you do need to register and log in. Registration is free, you just need an email address and a date of birth.

Once you are logged in, you can find the adult games here:


Released Works

Rolling Dice

My first game, and it looks like it! Join three sexy women in their university dorm rolling dice; loser removes an item of clothing. Version 2 is a rather more polished game, though the same basic premise, uploaded four years later.

Play here (original)

Play here (version 2)

The Dinner Party

You and your wife Ana have been invited to a dinner party with a difference! Various erotic encounters ensue.

I abandoned the text adventure for the Choose Your Own Adventure style – the player gets a limited number of choices at each turn. The result is a story that is considerably more involved, without the game getting too big.

Play here

Miss Azalea Hardheart’s Academy

Princess Canda must go to Miss Azalea Hardheart’s Academy for Wayward Ladies and Lordlings, where the punishments are cruel and unusual…

This is a hypertext game (i.e., a CYOA where the links are embedded in the text).

Play here


While Dinner Party was a success, I really wanted to give the player the freedom of the text adventure. But without having to handle every stupid thing the player might type. Quest already has buttons to click to move in different directions and to do things with objects. The solution was to use that, and to take away the command bar. The player cannot type, but but has several buttons, and I get to control exactly what. All my work-in-progress games use this interface.


I started this one a long time ago, partly inspired by a “wearables” library on the Quest form by someone called Chase. It features a girl called Natasha, who is trying to find her sister, and to do so has to dress up in a variety of costumes for various sexual encounters.

Mary Rogers in the Twenty First Century

Mary wakes to find herself in a parallel universe, the future as envisaged in the thirties. The game is more a text adventure with some sexual content rather than just an excuse for sex.


You find youself in the future, brought back to life by teleportation technology which also keeps every one fit and healthy. The big feature of the game is that women are randomly generated, so you can have literally hundreds of sexual encounters with different women. It just needs some kind of plot…

The Ambassador’s First Dinner

This game has reach beta-testing, so should be released soonish.

You have been appointed ambassador. The Witch Queen is the only person with access to replicator technology, and takes a sordid delight in sexually humiliating the ambassadors at her court.

Cruising VR

Joanna enters a virtual reality to present a paper on particle physics, but finds herself on a virtual cruise instead. Can she find a way to escape or does she not even want to? The plan is to have any number of randomly generated men for her to interact with.

The Parasite

You are drifting in space with no idea how your got there. You just manage to reach the airlock of a spaceship, and get inside… to find it crewed by nubile women!